Douglas Paul Leibbrandt's Coat Of Arms

South African Leibbrandt Family Tree

Descendants of A5544

John Romaine Addison
A5544 (1895-1983)
born: 21/08/1895
died: 06/06/1983
lived: ±88 years
A lawyer, Magistrate and Attorney.

Personal History

Christoffel Johannes [A554]
Johannes [A55]
Johann Sebastiaan [A5]
Johann Sebastiaan [A]

Mary Stiven Wilson
formerly POPE

John Romaine Addison
A55441 (1941-1964)
lived: ±23 years
Note: this line of Leibbrandts dies out at this point as he died a bachelor.

Margaret Louisa Addison
A55442 (1942-)

Cathrine Anne Addison
A55443 (1946-)

Peter Brian Brooke-Thompson
from this union one child Louisa Jane *1974
Lothar Herbert Heinrich Frenkel
from this union one child Amelia Thea *1986

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