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Weight-loss Diary Download

This is the spreadsheet you can use to track your weight-loss. Have you read Weight Loss Without Exercise?

If you don't know what your ideal weight should be, try any one of these Ideal Weight Calculators.

Your name for the chart title:
Measure in units of (chose one)
Height meters feet inches
How much do you weigh now? kg pounds
How much do you want to weigh? kg pounds
How much do you want to lose every day on average? kg pounds
Goal weight should be achieved in:

How to use the Diary

Open the spreadsheet using your spreadsheet editor. If you don't have one, you can download one for free from LibreOffice (recommended) or Apache OpenOffice

All you have to do is record your daily weight in column E (Actual), the rest of the spreadsheet will calculate automatically. An extra week is tacked on to the end of the plan in case you need some leeway to reach your goal weight.

shows the week number since the start of the plan. Weeks run from the weekday you started on; e.g. Wednesday to Wednesday etc.
shows the day number since the start of the plan.
is calculated as weight from the day before less the amount of weight you said you wanted to lose per day. This is what you should weigh on that day if you want to reach your goal weight by the end-date.
enter your weight once a day in this column. If you miss a day, fill in an approximation based on what you weighed before and after.
Daily Loss
shows how much you lost (negative number) or gained (positive numbers) on that day
Wkly Loss
shows how much you lost or gained at the end of each week
Total Loss
shows how much you lost or gained since you started - a running total
your Body Mass Index - ratio of weight to height. Google it to read more, and don't rely on it too much; accurate readings of body-fat percentage are recommended. Head towards 25.
BMI expressed as a percentage of ideal. A BMIP of 1.0 means you are at ideal weight, 1.36 means that you are 36% overweight, 0.96 means that you are 4% underweight.
Actual vs Target
this chart shows your progess to date. The blue bars show the target weight, and the red is your actual weight. Use this as an encouragement to try to stick to the target, but as long as you are heading in the right direction, you are doing okay.
Daily Loss/Gain
a visual representation of the daily losses and gains. It highlights any days on which there was a big movement so you can think about what you did on those days.