A simple game to help people learn the locations of the world's countries. Original map and flags from Wikimedia Commons (http://commons.wikimedia.org/) Based on the work of Jon Relf (http://my.opera.com/orinoco/blog/find-the-country) Both this and the original map are subject to the GNU Free Documentation License (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/fdl.txt). The added ecmascript code is similarly granted under the GNU GPL (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt) ================= Peter Brand 20 Oct 2008 Bugs + errors Bosnia Herzegovina, Venezuela + New Zealand misspelled. Small Islands never selected, but shown and clickable. Aruba missing label, mislabeled with another. Guadalupe missing. St Lucia duplicated in part. Click during 1 sec delay when correct leaves a country selected (and adds to score!) Country line 364 does not exist (between Sweden + Estonia). Stray Solomon Island Territories that are not autonomous reabsorbed back into country Newfoundland -Canada Svalbard -Norway Hainan -China Crete - Greece Hawaii - USA Galapagos - Ecuador Bonaire deleted - part of Netherlands Added: Pins for small countries like Gambia, San Marino etc. Panels for UI moved into HTML out of SVG Configurable delay when wrong - 3 secs and right - .7 seconds Keep original objective visible when showing incorrect Training phase on start-up. Local names for countries shown alongside English names Link to Wikipedia during training Select region(s) to choose from. Small islands moved to correct region. Test either by Country, Capital City or Flag Randomly test countries till all found in selected region. Last Update: 30 April 2017 South Sudan split Color change Show selected

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Explore the map by hovering the mouse over a country. Click on a country to see the relevant Wikipedia article.

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