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ShellBooks Accounting

ShellBooks logoShellBooks simple accounting for small businesses and personal accounts. My tax return was a breeze this year; one click to get a Balance Sheet, another for Income and Expenses. Contact us if you are interested.

LAW74 Logical Administrative Workflow

LAW74 logoLAW74 is a subscription based system for any businesses that deals with clients on a case-by-case basis. For example; Attorneys, Life Coaches, Consultants, Motor Mechanics etc. It allows them to track their cases-files, upload documentation, and generate documents from templates. It also has a built-in process flow control and diary to ensure they stay on top of things and not miss any deadlines or activities. Billing is built in, with a complete accounting system to Trial Balance. Contact us for a demonstration.

Xeus Database Studio

Xeus ProductAn XML face for your database. Store the definition of your database in an XML flle, then use that for version control, generation of database creation/upgrade SQL scripts, and documentation. The front-end XML manager/editor is a web-based application, designed to be independant of DBMS vendor. I have used it extensively for my development of MySQL databases and done some testing with older versions of MS-SQL (2008, 2012). As yet I have not actively persued this as a commercial product. Drop me an email if you are interested.