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HWB logo Our client, HWB Communications, a Public Relations Media consultancy based in Cape Town, required a system to bill their clients accurately - a task critical to their profitability. Instead of making do with a generic application, they asked BrandRock software to build them an application for their staff to record their time. Originally built as a MicroSoft Access™ database in 2008, it was migrated to a web-based application in 2011 so staff could use the system from a browser anywhere on the internet.

As they grew, taking on subcontractors and new clients, the application has grown with them. Today they have a system they enjoy using, which provides a better service to their clients and lets them keep an eye on their profitability.

We also recently built them a Media Exposure Statistics application that promises to be a valuable service for their clients.

Peter's unique time billing system, HWB Journal, has helped us keep track of productivity and improved the accuracy of our billing - our clients really appreciate how our time is tracked by the system so there can never be any dispute over logged hours. HWB Journal is the envy of other PR practitioners. Of particular value is Peter's enthusiasm and willingness to adapt and customise the system to suit our requirements - as often as new demands arise, they are efficiently met.Evelyn John Holtzhausen CEO

ClaviTech logo Another client ClaviTech, distributors of musical instruments in Durban, found popular accounting packages too generic and just not up to the task of handling their particular consignment discounting model. BrandRock Software built them a web-based application tailored to their exact needs in 2011. The application allows them to:

  • track their investment in, and location of their stock,
  • improve collections by reminding dealers when the best discounts can be claimed
  • reduce queries by giving the dealers access to their invoices and statements online
  • negotiate better deals with their Dealers all over South Africa.

Santam logo Even the larger corporations like Santam Multi Management Investments (SMMI) found us useful by streamlining the process they used to track and report on their portfolios. By automating their standard MicroSoft Excel™ spreadsheets, BrandRock was able to save them many hours daily; saving them time and money and making their job a whole lot more pleasant and accurate.

Vibrant Direct, a pamphlet distribution agency in Durban, operate in a niche market. In 2005 there weren't any off-the-shelf packages they could use (and still aren't), so BrandRock built them a custom MicroSoft Access™ database to plot their distributions which they have used since then. Their small investment in that application has paid itself off many times over the years.